Halo, and Green Smoke: Which Has Better Starter Kits?

Suitable starter kits are essential to enjoy e-cig vaping experience to the fullest. Wide variety in starter kits lets the users choose their favorite one from their favorite brands. Halo and Green Smoke both are very popular for their starter kits, which provides the customers a variety of services. Let us take a short review of their awesome starter kits and some coupon codes for you too.

The users are fully satisfied with the price range of the starter kits of Halo. Halo is providing only two prime types of starter kits which are popular worldwide. One is Halo Triton Tank Starter Kit and another one is Halo G6 Starter kit. Two starter kits provides very different services to the users. The Triton Tank Starter Kit will cost around $64.95 with the accessories of 2 triton batteries, two crystal clear triton tanks, one cone and all other necessary accessories. However, in different reviews, users shows their satisfaction mostly on the price and discount codes service for such a complete starter kit.

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On the other hand, in considering the suitability of the customers Green Smoke has produced four basic types of starter kits. In case of purchasing more than one starter kit of Green Smoke it has an attractive package. The Love Bird Kits which is a combined pack of two kits at a time. Moreover, the Express kit, Pro Kit, and Ultimate Kit is also available in Green Smoke store. The kits are affordable in price and are accessible through online too. If your budget ranges up to $129.95, it will allow you to get the best starter kit of Green Smoke. This will include all modernized features with customization options.

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To get the products in a discounted price you can collect the coupon codes from online websites and from local vendors. The reward points are also available in both of the e-cig brands on purchasing the starter kits and other accessories to get discount on further purchase. In 2014, up to 40% discount is in effect for both the e-cig brands using Halo and Green Smoke coupons.


All That You Wanted to Know about Electronic Cigarettes

Here are some of the most frequently ask questions about E-cigs that we’ve gather this week. Read on.

What is an e-cig?
Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs, are generally a battery-operated product designed to deliver nicotine, flavors as well as other chemical substances. This product converts nicotine and other compounds directly into an aerosol, which is inhaled by the individual. Almost all e-cigarettes are generally made and appear like typical smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Most of them impersonate like every day goods such as pens, USB memory sticks etc. Almost all electric cigarettes have an overall cylindrical design.

What are use and throw e-cigs?
Several electric cigarettes are composed of efficient replaceable elements, however, they also offer disposable units that merge most elements into a solitary part that can be dumped when its liquid and battery is over. Simply take the disposable E-cig out of the pack and start puffing and vaping into it.

What are e-cigs meant for and do they contain nicotine?
E-cigs are generally meant for smoking adults and for citizens older than eighteen. The cartridges and e-liquid solutions are available in various nicotine strengths. Nicotine is addictive and regarded as a killer chemical. You can maintain with one or modify the strength of nicotine ingestion as per your choice. A quality flavor cartridge comes in few rewarding tobacco tastes. Additionally E-liquids are available in other flavors such as Menthol, Mint tea, chocolate and Grape.

What is a starter kit?
Any standard E-Cigs starter kit entails an automated E-cig electric battery, a manual electric battery and 10 E-liquid flavor cartridges along with a USB E-cig charger. The battery made up within system of the E-cig unit forces the atomizer and heats the E-liquid caught up inside the flavored cartridge; turning it into water vapor.

What is the FDA’s stand on e-cigs and its health implications?
The majority of cartridges and e-Liquids are generally incorporated with a blend of water, propylene glycol, and a flavoring agent depending upon the cartridge strength. Despite the fact, these materials are generally regarded safe by the FDA. But they’ve not been FDA screened inside cartridge/e-liquid. There are many controversies at present relating to this kind of difference. It is your responsibility to consider, if you have any reaction or allergies to most of these materials. While using cartridges or e-liquid made up of nicotine utmost care should be taken. It is necessary and important to store these products out of reach from kids as well as pets. It’s also imperative that you do not forget that nicotine is addictive.

What is the best E-cigarette brand
V2 cigs is no doubt the best E-cig brand in the industry today. They offer high quality E-cigarettes at very affordable prices and they even have V2 cigs coupons to make the products more affordable. They have awesome flavors including the highly rated V2 Red and they have a wide selection off products, there surely be something to cater for your needs.


A Look At Electronic Cigarette Flavors

halo cigs review 059 A Look At Electronic Cigarette Flavors

E-cigarette flavors are really an important part of the whole vaping process. It takes the pleasure up a notch with the surprisingly good taste one can experience with many different flavors. E-cig flavors are also something that traditional cigarettes wont have. They only usually come in three flavors which is light, heavy and menthol while E-cigarettes have a plethora of flavors to choose from. Flavor is also one of the many fun aspects of vaping. Being able to play with your flavors and experiment with how you incorporate your e-cigarettes into your life is a lot more exciting than limiting yourself to tobacco flavored traditional cigarettes. Today, let us take a deeper look on E-cig flavors and get recommended flavors along the way. Read on.

The evolution of flavors
E-cigarette flavors have come a long way. From the days where only a handful of options are available, not there are a plethora of options to choose from where some brands offer thousands of choices. From the days where we E-cig brands only import their flavors from China and other countries, now E-cig are 100% US made so you are sure that it undergo strict quality assessment tests and sealed to perfection. From not knowing what E-liquid flavors contain, now E-cig brands highly advertise their ingredients list (usually include propylene gycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and USP grade nicotine) so that people can rest assured that what their vaping is safe.

E-cig mix and match
Users can now mix and match their flavors by opting to refill E-liquids they can mix cherry and chocolate if they want to, or probably different blends of tobacco to get that perfect tobacco blend. If that’s not enough for you, then one can also order custom blend for brands such as V2 cigs. Just tell them your idea and they will get you an E-liquid specially designed for you. Some users also love to mix and pair their E-cig flavors with foods and beverages. This may sound weird but try it and we are sure you’ll love it. Vapor flavors work amazingly in different foods and because vaping doesn’t produce smoke or any harmful chemicals, you are free to vape at the tables. Desserts are best paired with Coffee flavor E-cigs or cocktail flavors like Pina Colada. Full meals are best paired with Tobacco flavors or surprisingly try cola flavors. Beer of course is a perfect match with classic old tobacco while a nice Pinot noir or any other red beverages can pair well with chocolate flavor e-cigs

Best E-cig Flavor Brands
There’s a lot of competition when it comes to E-cig flavors. However, three brands really stands out for us – Blu cigs, Halo cigs and Apollo cigs. Blu cigs flavors are just superb being made by famous juice maker Johnson Creek. Halo cigs got the best collection of tobacco blend flavors while Apollo cigs got the best collection of fruity flavors. Together, these three have forever been our choice of E-cig flavors and you too should try them out today.

E-cigarette coupons for your E-cig flavors

To help you try as many flavors as you want, here are some E-cig coupons we’ve found for you try many E-cig flavors without breaking the bank Enjoy!

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V2 Electronic Cigarettes Coupon Codes Pre-Release During An Exciting 3-Days Sale

Dealometry is offering exciting discounts of 40-45% on the premier brand V2 e-cigs in a do-or-die sale of just three days – 15th March to 17th March 2014

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 12, 2014) Dealometry and V2 e-cigs have joined hands to come together for an exciting deal offer on the premier product to offer unmatched discounts to their users. The partnership of the alluring deal website Dealometry and V2 e-cigs has resulted in exciting discount coupons, which offer 10% discount storewide on all the products. Newbies who buy the V2 e-cigs starter kits are entitled to an additional 15% off discount. Users can use the V2 coupon codes: “COFFEEBREAK” and “SUMO15″ to get 30% off their storewide sale.

 V2 Electronic Cigarettes Coupon Codes Pre Release During An Exciting 3 Days SaleApparently, the V2 e-cigs manufacturer is among the front-runners of the electronic cigarettes arena, because of its pure and honest cost, dependability of their premier products and also the wide selection of flavors and accessories. Researchers and business analysts have predicted that in the near future the market share of the e-cig industry is expected to rise by leaps and bounds and touch a peak of even $4 billion. V2 e-cigs are one of the premier product companies, which holds a large share of this pie and they want to enlarge their stake by offering more value for money promotional activities and discount coupons. This unprecedented sale of three days 15th March – 17th March is a honest effort in this endeavor.

V2 company spokesperson spoke at length on the matter and said that the rapidly increasing market share of the premier company can be attributed to the fact that the users want innovation and variety and V2 is striving in that direction. He also added that all the products undergo rigorous quality tests before being launched in the market. The research and innovation labs of V2 cigs are responsible for launching new and exciting flavors, which have caught the fancy of their users.

Reviewers have also praised the V2 products and each new product from the V2 stable raises the expectations of the reviewers. Due to the usage of the quality ingredients that are invested in the final product, it is no secret that they are scaling the charts of popularity.

The unprecedented Three-Day Sale will start on 15th March 2014 and end on 17th March 2014 and all the orders placed between that duration (Eastern Time Zone – UTC-05:00) would be eligible for the discounts.

About Dealometry:

Dealometry is a premier deal site, which offers great, unheard-of and alluring e-cig coupon codes!

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Jason Brown


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We Love E-cigarette Coupons

We love E-cigarette coupons! It helps us save a lot of money while choosing to use the better and healthier alternative to smoking. with E-cigarette coupons, there’s no really reason why anyonw would not switch to E-cigarettes. it’s affordable, it’s more healthier, you’ll have more freedom using it and you have more options to choose from. So what are you guys waiting for? Switch to E-cigs now and use E-cigarette coupons every time you buy.

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